This course discusses the variety, characteristics, structures, and cultural significance of speculative fiction, most commonly including science fiction and fantasy.


Students are expected to identify and comprehend Southeast Asian speculative fiction as a genre expression that uses said genre’s elements in a critical manner to discuss the issues of postcolonialism, imperialism, and decolonization. Students are also expected to identify similarities and parallelisms of themes and issues from works produced by writers from various national and cultural backgrounds, as well as various locations (“home” and diaspora). In addition, students are also expected to comprehend the complexities of using English in Southeast Asian speculative fiction, both as a colonial language and a modern international language.

This course prepares students to recognize the main characteristics of English and American children's and young adult literature from different periods and discusses a few selected texts of each period.

This course discusses principles and methods of learning a foreign language based on psychological and sociocultural factors involving motivation, style and learning strategies, communicative competence, as well as an introduction to principles of assessment.

Mata Kuliah ini adalah untuk keperluan Mata Kuliah MBKM Magang di Pusat Bahasa FIB Unpad untuk mahasiswa Prodi Sastra Inggris.